Fraser Veterinary Services is a unique house call practice providing personalized veterinary care for your dogs and cats focusing on an integrative and holistic approach to health.  Concierge care requires a yearly or monthly payment to join the practice.  It gives you VIP status with 7 day a week access to Dr. Fraser for unlimited telemedicine, quick in-person house call appointment scheduling, and the time and care you and your pets deserve.  The wellness packages include yearly diagnostics and routine care aimed at keeping your pet healthy and free of chronic disease.

There is a 1 year waitlist for concierge services. Please click here to be added to the waitlist


The first appointment is about 1 – 1.5 hours long.  A very thorough history will be taken and previous vet records will be reviewed.  Your pet will be fully examined and a comprehensive plan will be formed. Your pet will receive their first treatment (acupuncture, laser, etc) if needed.  We will discuss a complete therapy plan including follow-up acupuncture treatments, Chinese herbs, and diet.


After the Initial Consult, you will have the option to join Fraser Veterinary Services if both Dr. Fraser and yourself feel it would be a good fit.  As a concierge practice, there is a yearly or monthly retainer fee to join the practice.  All of your options will be made available at the time of the initial consult.

Service Towns:

Marlborough, Sudbury, Hudson, Stow, Framingham, Northborough, Southborough


After you have joined Fraser Veterinary Services, you can expect personalized veterinary care like no other.

  • ~ Direct Access to Dr. Fraser via phone, text, email

  • ~ Extended hours for communication including weekends and evenings

  • ~ Appointments scheduled quickly

  • ~ Free Delivery of Products, Herbs, and Supplements

  • ~ Comprehensive Integrative Veterinary Care

  • ~ Empowering Health Education

  • ~ Diet/Nutrition Planning and Education

Individual Services

Initial Consult

  • Includes an exam, review of records, first treatment, and comprehensive plan.

Follow-up Consults/Treatments

  • This includes acupuncture/laser treatments and follow up exams or consults.

House Call Fee

$50 - 100
  • This is a separate travel fee that is applied to all in-home visits.

Concierge Packages

 Personalized options to ensure you and your pets get the best care.

Healthy Pets Package for One Pet

  • or $190/mo

Healthy Pets Package for Two Pets

  • or $200/mo

Healthy Pets Package for Three Pets

  • or $298/mo

Healthy Pets Package for Four Pets

  • or $398/mo
  • Comprehensive Integrative Veterinary Care….because using the best of both worlds ensures the greatest health and quality of life.
  • Direct access to Dr. Fraser via phone, text, and email….because sometimes a simple phone call can save you a very costly trip to the ER.
  • Appointments when you need them….because sometimes waiting weeks for an appointment is not what is best for your pet.
  • Free delivery of all products, herbs, and supplements….because we value your time and are here to serve you.
  • Empowering Health Education….because we are here to guide and support you in caring for your pets.
  • Nutritional education and planning….because customized, therapeutic nutrition is the foundation of true health.
  • Two wellness exams per year
  • Core vaccine titers/boosters as needed yearly
  • Chemistry Profile yearly
  • CBC yearly
  • Urinalysis yearly
  • Thyroid Profile yearly
  • Fecal Parasite Test yearly
  • Heartworm Test yearly
  • Tick Disease Panel yearly
  • Vitamin D Testing yearly


Consults – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday By Appointment
Euthanasia – 7 Days A Week By Appointment

There is a long wait list for concierge services. Please click here to be added to the waitlist.



(508) 907-1168


(508) 907-1168