Fees and Concierge Packages

Individual Services

Initial Consult

  • Includes an exam, review of records, first treatment, and comprehensive plan.

Follow-up Consults/Treatments

  • This includes acupuncture/laser treatments and follow up exams or consults.

House Call Fee

$50 - 100
  • This is a separate travel fee that is applied to all in-home visits.

Additional Pet Treatment/Consult

$95 - 130
  • A follow-up treatment or consult for another pet at the same location during the same visit.

Specialized Diet Formulation

  • Specialized maintenance or therapeutic diets formulated and balanced for individual needs.

Herbal Medicine

  • Formulations are tailored to the needs of the pet and vary in price.

Healthy Pets Package for One Pet

  • or $190/mo

Healthy Pets Package for Two Pets

  • or $200/mo

Healthy Pets Package for Three Pets

  • or $298/mo

Healthy Pets Package for Four Pets

  • or $398/mo

Concierge Packages

 Personalized options to ensure you and your pets get the best care.

Each concierge package includes:

  • Comprehensive Integrative Veterinary Care….because using the best of both worlds ensures the greatest health and quality of life.
  • Direct access to Dr. Fraser via phone, text, and email….because sometimes a simple phone call can save you a very costly trip to the ER.
  • Appointments when you need them….because sometimes waiting weeks for an appointment is not what is best for your pet.
  • Free delivery of all products, herbs, and supplements….because we value your time and are here to serve you.
  • Empowering Health Education….because we are here to guide and support you in caring for your pets.
  • Nutritional education and planning….because customized, therapeutic nutrition is the foundation of true health.
  • Diagnostic Exams and Labwork:
    • Two wellness exams per year
    • Core vaccine titers/boosters as needed yearly
    • Chemistry Profile yearly
    • CBC yearly
    • Urinalysis yearly
    • Thyroid Profile yearly
    • Fecal Parasite Test yearly
    • Heartworm Test yearly
    • Tick Disease Panel yearly
    • Vitamin D Testing yearly

    Additional diagnostics are paid for at the time of services.


(508) 907-1168


(508) 907-1168



(508) 907-1168